Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sai Kung 西貢 01/10/2010

Today we come to Sai Kung! Sai Kung is the "Leisure Garden of Hong Kong", has long been one of the most beautiful place in Hong Kong. Whether you are a tourist or a local resident, Sai Kung, with a total area of 12,600 hectares, will offer you a wide range of enjoyable activities. You can experience the sublime beauty of country parks, indulge yourself in the excellence of seafood and sunbathe on beaches. I hope that "Travel in Sai Kung", with its detailed information on sea and land traveling routes, will help usher you into a trip of relaxation and rest.

This is the Sai Kung Pier, there are many ship connect to different islands in Sai Kung, or sometimes people waould like to lease a boat from here to hold a party.

You can see many peoples are congregate here! what are they looking for??

The answer is seafood!!! there are many fishmans selling the seafood here! peoples bargaining the prices and make a deal here!

There is a Sai Kung Geo-Heritage Information Center near the bus stop, it can give you more detail information to travel in Sai Kung, and it provide some tours for people to join it!

Near the pier there is Sai Kung Waterfront Promenade.  People may speand their free time here! it's design show the life-style of Hong Kong!

The market will mainly be selling food, drinks,and arts and crafts.

This area is very popular to those who enjoy kite flying, dog walking and also to those who want to enjoy a relaxing walk while appreciating the beautiful view of the mountains, islands and the sea front. Often, people
have picnics on the grass area. Many Sai Kung town residents and visitors alike are upset and angry by the destruction of this grass area along the waterfront promenade. The existence of these permanent stalls on the
grass area will ruin the beautiful open landscape we have come to enjoy.

you can enjoy this wonderful view when you walk along here!!!

There are many people and dogs, you can find there many different breeds of dogs and their master are very kind and willing to let you take photo with their puppies.  ^^


If you lucky sometime you can find this Hong Kong Traditional food - marrons glaces

keep walking you will been here, a beach!

there are many restaurant and a big size of  BBQ area, many people will come here BBQ with their friends and family

The night Scene of Sai Kung Peir^^

Public Transport:
                i.    Take the KMB route No.92 / No.96R (available on Sundays and public holidays only) or the green mini-bus route No.1A / No.1M plying between Choi Hung MTR station and Sai Kung Town;
              ii.    Take the KMB route No.92 / No.96R (available on Sundays and public holidays only) plying between Diamond Hill MTR station and Sai Kung Town;
            iii.    Take the KMB route No.299 in Shatin Central (New Town Plaza Terminus) to Sai Kung Town;
            iv.    Take the green mini-bus route No.101 in Hau Tak, Hang Hau MTR Station, to the terminus in Sai Kung Town;
              v.    Take the green mini-bus route No.1 in Telford Gardens, Kowloon Bay, to the terminus in Sai Kung Town;
            vi.    Take the green mini-bus route No.12 in Po Lam Public Transport Interchange (Metro City Phrase 2) to the terminus in Sai Kung;
      vii   Take the First Bus route No. 792M in Tiu Keng Leung MTR Station, to the terminus in Sai Kung Town.