Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ma Wan Park 馬灣公園 17/10/2010

In Hong Kong, there is a new attractions for the local residents and forign visitors which is open on 1 July 2007 - Ma Wan Park. Ma Wan Park is a nature garden with love, art, leaning. So, it attracts a lot families, couple, and artists come and visit the park.

Before you go to the park, you have walk through a short trip. Along the trip, you can see the is many distinctive featured small shops, such as small restaurants with unique decoration and bakery with small gift. Also, you will see some hawkers are selling some dried seafoods and nuts. Only walk through these shops, I have spent an hour!! It's really attractive.

After 15 minuts walk (actually I have spent an hour), you will arrive Ma Wan Park. In the entrance, there is a big shell infront of you (taller than two people). Next to this huge shell, there is a setted plant of that day. Remember take a beautiful picture to keep the good momery of that day.

Ok now, let explor the park.The first attractions in the park which is the Rainbow Wall.  14 wall paintings with 7 rainbow colors-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The pictures are deliverying the message of beauty and love to make the visitors have enjoyment and reflection after the appreciation.

Then you may go to the Sweet Garden with your girl/boy friend to take a beautiful picture because thereis one of the famous attraction for the couple to take the marriage pictures. Around the Sweet Garden, there are many colorful flowers and plants. They create a sweet and full of love atmosphere.

Near the morden park, there is a old village - Ma Wan Village. In old days, there is one of the customsStation was used by Kowlonn Customs in Manchu Dynasty. But now, there is just few of people still living there. So, when you walk pass the village you will feel so silent and hear the sounds come from the house very clearly.

At night, you must go to the Ma Wan Beach. It is because you can see a beautiful sun set in the beach. And when the sky became dark and if you feel hungry, there is some featured restaurants besides the beach. You can enjoy your delicious dinner and have a good view of the Ching Ma Bridge.

1. Tuen Wan West Station--> Park Island Ferry Pier

2. Central Pier No.2--> Park Island Ferry Pier

Resource the official website of Ma Wan Park: Ma Wan Park