Monday, 25 October 2010

Apliu Street 鴨寮街 23/10/2010

 I went to Apliu Street on Saturday. It was crowed and the weather was hot in the afternoon. Apliu Street looks like a big flea market. Visitors could buy electrical equipments such as mobile phones, audios and lights. Also, we found there were second hand books and CDs. Therefore Apliu Street is famous for ‘geek shopping’.

The Chinese name of Apliu Street is meaning of ‘the duck cage’. Many years ago Apliu Street was a village that people would farm.


In the surrounding area of  Apliu Street, there is a Golden Shopping Arcade. It is famous for selling computers and related equipments.

Also, there are lots of shops selling street snacks. It tasted nice and it is popular for both tourists and local people.


  • MTR Sham Shui Po Station → Exit A2 or C2
By Joanne