Monday, 8 November 2010

Stanley 赤柱 07/11/2010

Stanley is a popular spot. Stanley is a lovely peninsula town in southwest Hong Kong Island. There are two beautiful beaches and famous dry market. Stanley has a lot of attractions such as Stanley Prison, Murray House and Tin Hau Temple.

Stanley Market is the place which most attractive. The ever popular Stanley Market is situated in Stanley New Street near the Stanley food market. It is a fair of small shops and street stalls flaunting handicrafts and souvenirs rich in local flavour. You will find an interesting array of little shops selling silk garments, sportswear, art, Chinese costume jewelry and souvenirs.

Now the Stanley prison becomes Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum. It is opening for visitors. You can see what the life of prisoner is.

Moreover, you can see oldest and classical architecture style buildingMurray House. Today Murray House is become a restaurant and Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

Come to Stanley. Stanley can let you know more about Hong Kong History.

How get there:
You can catch one in Central from the bus terminal at Exchange Square. Take route 66, 6, 6A, 6X and 260

Point to notes:
1) 6, 6X and 66 have final departures at approximately 19:30.
2) Only 260 offer late night departures from Stanley after approximately 22:00.

By Hei