Friday, 15 October 2010

20101015 - Cheung Chau 長洲

Besides going to Lamma Island, there are still some good island in Hong Kong that we should visit.
This time we are going to Cheung Chau!

Cheung Chau is also call Dumbbell Island. It is because it looks like a dumbell!
But I think not many people alert that, as the Hong Kong people are call it Cheung Chau and even in the travel guide.It is a small island 10km southwest of Hong Kong Island.

Therefore, we need to take the ferry to go to there. We can take the ferry on Central Pier.

Today's trip is very exciting, just because we haven't make any plan before we visit Cheung Chau!

This photo is take next to Pier. Here is only a part of the bicycle car park!
See! Everyone are by bicycle!
The house in Cheung Chau are mostly around 3 levels only.
This shop is very special. They are selling the hand-made item!like bags, accessories...

One of the school in Cheung Chau.
Tung Wan(東灣)
We waiting for get in to the hiding place of Cheung Po Tsai
The hiding place of Cheung Po Tsai is on the mountain and facing to the ocean. In fact, the place is a "cave". It only can let one person pass through each time. When we get inside, we can't see anything.  It is too dark! Nowdays, there is nothing in the cave. Therefore, I suggest that you no need to have a great expectation. For my suggestion, if you want to visit the place, remember to bring along with the torch!

Also, there is not bus in the Cheung Chau. Therefore, I suggest you can rent the bicycle to get around Cheung Chau!