Friday, 8 October 2010

TAI O & NP360 昂坪360 08/10/2010

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to Tai O & NP360!

Before the trip, we already planned the itinerary as NP360 -> Tai O . However, when we arrival the NP360 station at Tung chung. We found that there is too many people wating for the NP360. Therefore, we change our route to Tai O->NP360.

Near the NP360 Tung Chung station, there is a bus terminal. It is operated by the New Lantao Bus(NLB). We buy a package from there. It included a single trip of NP360 and a Day pass of taking the NLB bus.

The is the Ticket of the Bus Day Pass and the NP360 exchange coupon.
Welcome to Tai O
Our first activity in Tai O is take a boat to go to see the Chinese White Dophin. Before going to watch the dophin, the boat will move to the area where the pang uks built, a kinds of stilt house. After that, the boat will move toward to the sea for watching the dophin.
In fact, the adult Chinese White Dophin are in pink or white and the infant are in gray. Luckily, we are can see the dophin at that day! They are jump out of the water! However, they are moving too fast. I can't take the photo!
 These are the views of pang uks from the main river.

 The watching dohpin trip is around 20mins. After the trip, we go back to Tai O.

This kind of barbecue snack are very popular in Tai O!

People are making dried and preserved food!

An Old couple. They are selling the drink and the maltose with biscuits! Strongly recommand! The maltose with biscuits only $3!!

Again! The preserved food! Salt fishessssssssss!

Oh~!Many salt fishesssssssssssssssssssss!

Hey, kitten. What do you want?

Eggette! There are around 20ppl waiting!
As I remember, he is making the almond biscuit!

This bridge is link up two sides of the pang uks.

Around 16:30, we go back to the bus station and take the bus to go to Ngong Ping.

See! The big buddha!

The entrance of the Ngong Ping Plaza.

In the Ngong Ping Plaza, there are many dogssssssss!

Before visit the buddha, we need to finish around 200steps...-_-

We leave around 18:30 and we are waiting for the NP360 cable car to go back the Tung Chung. The sky is beautiful.

As we're too late to the NP360, there is not enough time to take a look of the Ngong Ping Plaza. In fact, there are many interesting place, like wisdom path, Tung Chung Fort etc.
Therefore, if you're really interested, I suggested that you can spread the TAI O and NP360. =P

Tung Chung -> Tai O, 11, New Lantao Bus
Tai O -> Ngong Ping, 21, New Lantao Bus

BY Freda