Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tung Ping Chau 東平洲 25/09/2010

Today, I am not going to any shopping centers or restaurant, but I am going to have fun with the nature and camping at Tung Ping Chau Marine Park with my friends. Tung Ping Chau is the island on the northeastern water of Hong Kong. It is the fourth marine park in Hong Kong. Tung Ping Chau Marine Park has health and rich coastal ecosystem in Hong Kong. Also the park has the special and unique geological features. So, it become a good scenic spot and attracts many local and foreign visitors.

As there are only two ferry schedule for the passengers, so we toke the earlier ferry schedule to go to Tung Ping Chau. Along the ferry trip, we can see the beautiful sea view and breathe the fresh air.
The beautiful view along the ferry trip.

That's our destination - Tung Ping Chau. The shape of the island is very flat. That's why call Tung Ping Chau.

After getting off the ferry, there are few stores near the ferry dock. You can taste the delicious seafood and have a tea time with the beautiful sea view. If you want to stay one more day in Tung Ping Chau, but you don’t any preparation? Don’t worry! You can rent canvas bed for the night. It just cost $25 per person!!

Along the island, there are few attractive points for the visits to explore and take memorable photos as there are many peculiar rocks. The shape of the rock is formed by the long term wave and the such as Kang Lau Shek, Lan Kwo Shui and Lung Lok Shui.

After about 10 minus walk from the ferry dock, we arrived to the Kang Lau Shek. It’s really interesting place. The name of Kang Lau Shek is because there are two big squarish stones are stand out of the island. Looking it in far away, it seems there is two securities are standing and garrisoning the island.

After pass through Kang Lau Shek, the next scenic spot is Lan Kwo Shui. From the word of Lan Kwo Shui can you guess the how the meaning form? That is because the visitors can walk pass the area of Lan Kwo Shui only when on the ebb and the stones are emersed.
Then, welcome to the Lung Lok Shui. You can see there is a long stone, form the far ways, it seems a dragon is going to dive into sea.

In evening, what a beautiful seaset I have ever seen.
At night, here becomes a magical place, full of stars in the sky.

How to get there:
Unverisity Station--->Ma Liu Shiu Ferry Dock

By Bonnie Ko

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